“Thank you Jillian! An immensely informative course. Jillian breaks down what are seemingly complex concepts into understandable and logical components. In my opinion every rider should have a grasp of basic equine biomechanics before saddling our horses or attempting to work them in hand. The horse moves prerequisitely as a whole and for every one of our actions there is a reaction/response on the part of the horse that is determined by the bones, tendons, ligaments, nerves, and musculature of the horse. Understanding both the horse’s innate abilities as well as his limitations allow us to work within his comfort zone; helping him find relaxation, enjoyment, and suppleness. I encourage all of my students to spend some time with Jillian.”

—Mark Russell, Natural Dressage

“Jillian Kreinbring’s clinic was fascinating and informative. Anyone who is serious about their horsemanship should take this class to understand how a horse is put together and how that affects its ability to respond and perform, and how to help the horse excel.”

—Christi Rains, 4-Star Parelli Instructor

“I attended Jillian Kreinbring’s workshop and I was glad I did. As a traditional dressage trainer and rider, an in depth understanding of the horses’ biomechanics and anatomy is crucial in order to train each horse according to his specific talents and challenges, and Jillian laid out this helpful information in an easily accessible form, that informed as she entertained!

But this information is not only important to dressage enthusiasts —anyone who is going to be around and intend to ride horses would be helped, and their horses too, by Jillian’s workshop. Understanding what is happening in the horses’ body according to his anatomy and conformation goes along way towards understanding training and riding challenges presented by the horse.

Furthermore, with all the controversy surrounding competitive riding today, anyone who is wondering what is really going on in front of their eyes will be helped by Jillians’ focus on educating the eye. I would consider this course a must for anyone who wants to be involved on a deeper level with their horsemanship.”

—Susannah Cord, Dressage Trainer

“I just want to restate what a terrific seminar you put on. Knowledge is so empowering. I came away with an entirely new realm of information that I feel I can put to good use. It completely fed my fascination with structure. The amount of information and the symmetry and ease with which it was presented was excellent. You are a gifted educator in that you presented massive amounts of material in a manner that was concise and easily remembered. I now have, what I feel, is a much greater understanding of the physical operation (biomechanics) of the horses body. This will make decision making for horsey exercises, activities and training much more accurate and probably easier on both of us.”

—Elizabeth Ford

“I enjoyed your workshop immensely, and if you ever decide to give an advanced one, you can count on me to attend. I learned an incredible amount about anatomy and conformation, and I am astounded by how well I was able to assimilate it all. I credit your teaching methods and ability. I am really delighted to know that the horses have one as young and passionate as you are advocating about the well-being of the equine kingdom. Education is key to their future, and I hope you can reach the younger audiences with your message as well as the judges and others who influence the industry. The youth are the ones who will be setting the standards of tomorrow, and the more of them that are exposed to knowledge like yours, the more likely the horses will receive the care and respect they deserve. Because of your efforts, I will never again look at a horse with the same eyes or in the same way again.”

—Sherry Zendel