Lecture and Dressage Lessons With Col. Carde VIMEO

Also available for a 72-hour streaming period for $30 USD

This is your opportunity to watch Col. Carde teach a variety of riders on horses of different levels, breed and disciplines. This content is in English and is not subtitled. These lessons were filmed while Col Carde participated in a two day symposium on equine training for wellness with the late Dr. Kerry Ridgway in California several years ago. We also included an edited version of the training lecture Col. Carde gave to the attendees.

For those seeking the original 8 1/2-hour “Optimising Your Horse’s Straightness, Balance, and Performance with Dr. Ridgway & Colonel Carde” streaming Vimeo featuring BOTH Colonel Christian Carde and Dr. Ridgway, please visit: https://vimeo.com/ondemand/improvedhorseperformance.

NOTE: The lessons and lecture have been edited and the lecture slides are not viewable. The total content runs three hour eleven minutes. These videos are streaming only, no downloads.

About Colonel Christian Carde:

Colonel Christian Carde, born in 1939, embarked on his equestrian journey as a 13-year-old boy in the French town of Bordeaux. His initial experiences led him to excel in showjumping and eventing. Over the years, Colonel Carde has earned a distinguished reputation as an expert horseman, trainer, and advocate for the well-being of horses.

With an illustrious career spanning two decades as an Ecuyer at the Cadre Noir of Saumur, he later served as Ecuyer en Chef from 1991 until his retirement in 1999. Colonel Carde’s dedication to ethical horsemanship is evident through his clear and logical methodology, which focuses on developing calm, forward, balanced, and straight horses. His expertise extends to both ridden and in-hand work, utilizing humane and respectful methods that instill confidence in horses while fostering progression towards collection and safeguarding their physical and mental well-being.

In addition to being an accomplished horseman, Colonel Carde is an FEI International Judge and a passionate advocate for horse welfare. He has penned extensive literature addressing the state of dressage today, with a special emphasis on the FEI dressage rules, notably Article 401. Furthermore, he is the founder of the French association Allege-Ideal (Association pour La Légèreté en Equitation), as well as the International Dressage & Equitation Association for Lightness.

For more information about Colonel Christian Carde, please visit: http://www.competences-equestres.fr/fr/ccarde

PHOTOGRAPHY: Lisa Hermes, https://hermesphotos.com