Table of Content

Introduction to Fascia, Laterality and the Crooked Horse Syndrome

Dr. Ridgway introduces the concept of laterality or right or left limb dominance and how failure to achieve ambidexterity, balance and straightness creates problems in performance, a shorter useful life and eventually leads to unsoundness. He discusses fascia and how it impacts movement.

Case Study # 1: Buddy
Left Side Dominant, High Heel/Low Heel Syndrome

11 year old dressage warmblood gelding with a history of severe physical and training problems. Is in a long term training and rehabilitation program.

Case Study #2: Spider

Right Side Dominance, Sacroiliac, Psoas, Stifle and Hyoid Issues

8 year old Andalusian/TB cross gelding bred for eventing by its owner.

Case Study #3: Dante

Left Side Dominance, Low Heel, Ulcers
11 years old off the track thoroughbred gelding, raced for 4 years. Paddocked due an injury. Lower level dressage horse.

Case Study #4: Jazz 

Laterality, Ulcers, Hyoid, TMJ, Low Heel, Pastern Changes, Shoeing Issue, Suspensory and Flexor Issues

12 year old Thoroughbred gelding purchased from show home. Issues and discomfort level made him a candidate for interrupting training and entering a rehabilitation program. History of feet problems, ulcers, stiffness. Training in dressage and jumping, used for trail riding.

Case Study #5: Ty

Right Side Dominant, Feet Issues, Suspensory, Paraspinal, Sacral, Psoas, Diaphragm,Hyoid, Quadriceps Issues and more

6 1/2 Clydesdale, 1⁄4 TB, 1⁄2 Warmblood gelding. Sold as a five year when he was two and under saddle already. Athletic eventing horse with several physical issues, some chronic, some stemming from injury including a broken tail, withers muscle tear, and turned in pasterns.

Case Study #6: Quamby

Left Sacro-illiac Joint, Hip, Stifle Issues Due To Injury, Left Pterygoid, Right Pterygoid and Hyoid Issues

Teenage Australian Stock Horse mare. This high level, very successful competition mare presented with some problems following a fall on her left side. She is a good example of a healthy, pretty ambidextrous horse. Discussion of kissing spine, healthy posture, influence of posture on movement and fitting tack.

Case Study #7: Winona

Right Side Dominant, Shoulder Pain, Weight, Gait, Detrimental Posture, Feet, Psoas and Feet Issues.

14 year old warmblood mare doing lower level dressage. Discussion of fit not fat training impact on health, impact of weight on posture, soundness, saddle fit. Demonstration of Psoas release.